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CYNOSURE Eid Dress Collection 2014 If you wish to make this Eid 2014 exclusive then do not miss to look for the gorgeous and appealing dress collections. Eid 2014 is religious festival that is well-known every year two times. Eid can get ready more particular and brilliant with the attires of Tauseef Ahmad Eid dress collection 2014 for girls and womens. As soon as the Eid festival gets more rapidly the entire fashion bazaar is crowd with the gorgeous dress and other accessories collections. Just, discover and scroll down Tauseef Ahmad Eid dress collection 2014 presented byCynosure. You will love to stan    d for at this Eid. These Eid dresses are finding attractive and stunning. The beautification have useful with embroidery work, motifs, stones and thread work to make Eid dresses appropriate for summer Eid wear dresses.
Full Hand Mehendi Designs by KiranAre you looking for full hand mehendi designs for Eid festival 2014? Fine we all recognize that in just a week Eid 2014 is arriving soon. Eid is well thought-out to be deficient for the women without the appliance of stunning Eid mehndi designs. Therefore, a lot of mehndi designs that are put for the hands and feet now for Eid 2014 festival. Few days ago, trendy mehndi designs collection for Eid 2014-2015 has been presented. All the mehndi designs in this collection are appear so lovely and gorgeous. All the best mehndi designs for eid will certainly grip your concentration which presents by Mehndi Artist Kiran Sahib

Farah and Fatima Eid Footwear CollectionFarah & Fatima is one of them fashion designers that have enormous sum of achievement and eminence in just the short time scale in Pakistan fashion world. Farah and Fatima launches designer shoes finished using pure leather, blown up with beautiful handcrafted decoration. Did you know about Farah & Fatima footwear collection for girls? Fine if in that case you have to visit these shoes collection due to it will present to take away your heart hit. Every footwear of this Eid collection has deliberated in stunning and modish way. Top of the footwear, beads and tussles have been design along with the combine of stones. Colors have usually set in the gallant and gloomy blends that are certainly making this collection full and bright of life. 

Feeha Jamshed Kurti Blouse PretsFeeha Jamshed, the appreciated fashion designer and inventive director for Teejays, has started her own brand 'Feeha Jamshed’. The label will run in the way of fashion and winning style form the lanes of Pakistan to the world. Feeha Jamshed fashion brand will carry on working on presenting eastern styles into western dress in as challenge to western styles importance into eastern dress. Just Feeha Jamshed has presented his mid-summer dress collection. This collection has attractive and stunning kurti blouse prets. Kurti are attractive one of the summer collection these days for the reason that of the elegance and stylish design in them. Let the modish trendy and girls women to display as appealing in persona. Feeha Jamshed Kurti Blouse Collections.

Eid Dress Collection 2014 Eid is coming very soon than two weeks left so all the clothing designers and brand are approaching with their garments and artistic collections for women and men. Mahreen Fahad is a famous and top fashion designer. She makes charming and latest dresses. As Eid is coming up, as an effect Mahreen Fahad Sheikh has completed a decision to create its Eid dress collection according to occasion. This is certainly small yet exclusive “Mahreen Fahad Eid Dress collection 2014” which often grip four gorgeous and modish women Eid wears that. Color stability is vivacious and bold which can be in treaty with Eid dress requisite. This Eid festival can be magnificent to dress your necessities in this Mahreen Fahad Eid dress collection Many images are below on fashion designs on this “Mahreen Fahad Sheikh Eid Dress 2014”.

Needle Impressions Eid Collection 2014 Eid-Ul-Fitr almost is coming to around and amusing every fashion widespread has happen its collection for this event. Needle Impression is another of the foremost Fashion chains in Pakistan running from a lot of years. Therefore, in the mindful of a extremely gorgeous fashion encourage the Needle Impression has include the most stylish formulate services to join creative feelings of their design team into a valued wearing practicality. Needle Impressions just presented Eid collection 2014. These clothing brand designers promise to provide you the most chic, graceful and stylish designs accomplished with high-mark fabrics and materials. The decoration has finished with laces, motifs, stones, print work and embroidery work.

Urban Studio Boys-Girls Eid Dresses The Urban Studio is a famous popular clothing brand. Urban Studio anticipated gathering the high put of their famous customers. We assure beautiful and energetic fashion set on that truly outfit your personality and are modish enough to get you inspiring. At Urban Studio, we are enthusiastic to assurance top quality with the super trendiest and modern outfits that will make everyone nasty. Just Urban Studio presented Eid collection for women and men. This dress collection consist stylish and trendy T-shirts, shirts, tights and pants for Eid wear. Every fabric designed and stitches so considerately that it not only assures brilliance but also keeps the elegance of these girls and boys Eid dresses. Trendy and Bright colors has utilized such as yellow, red, pink, blue and black that make these dresses lovable and gorgeous.

Latest Eid Dress Collection A Zeitgeist is a supreme brand of Ladies and Men official and stunning informal wear running since 20 years. Experience of 20 Years brilliance and the commencement of a lot of new ideas, outstanding thread, product lines and cloths that Zeitgeist recognized to the Pakistan ready to wear industry, give it a exclusive point. To occasion, Zeitgeist is to apply the stunning fancy of fame, fashion and luxury. Zeitgeist just presented summer and Eid dress collection for women and men. Have a faster look at this Zeitgeist Pakistan Gents and Ladies Eid Dresses.


Borjan Ladies Eid Purse Collections for GirlsBorjan known it as an outstanding maker of classify label and well-known footwear with the preparation to give marvelous shoes and bags at affordable prices. Walk in fashion this brings with Borjan regular collection of women’s comfort in adding to fashion advance bags. We can choose fantastic elastic leather bags; secret calm particularly and moderating lightweight unique and our feet will look and sense implausible all day. Just Borjan presented bags for Eid 2014 for girls and womens. You can look them in different shades of darkness as naval strength, snack, dark blue and joyful Eid bags and many special collections. 


Rubaaiyat Formal Bridal Dress CollectionEvery year bridal wear styles have been altering for the brides. If we discuss about the bridal dresses then there are a lot of clothing designers and brands that are arriving with the exclusive bridal dresses. In all brands we have Rubaaiyat by Minibindra. Few days ago, Rubaaiyat by Minibindra displayed its attractive formal bridal collection 2014. In this brial collection the designer is presenting with gorgeous formal bridal dresses. All dresses have been put with the heavy decoration of motifs and stone that appear awesome and superb. Dark and Bright colors have been utilized in glorious way in all the bridal dresses. Rubaaiyat by Minibindra is an Indian fashion clothing brand. This brand is control by the designer and owner Minibindra. This brand is recognized prominently even in the international fashion industry.